Motorcycle Race Suit Shopping Guide

Motorcycle Race Suits are one of our specialties here at, not just another category on a massive Walmart style ecommerce site and we guarantee no one will do a better job getting you into the right leather race suit than STG! A proper fitting race suit can is important for protection and comfort so you can focus on hitting that apex instead of being distracted by the fit of your suit. We do not offer every brand under the sun, each of the racing suits on the site have been thoroughly reviewed covering the fit, features, benefits and our STG Staff is ready to answer any questions you have. Brian Van (STG Owner, Founder and fellow track rider) heads up our race suit program and works with our riders on a daily basis to ensure we deliver that personal touch no one else can. Van not only reviews all of the suits but he has owned (possibly crashed in a few) over 27 different race suit since 2006 and has a real passion for getting riders into the right safety gear.

The first video below will walk you through how to choose the proper race suit size, and below that is our four part video series to help you pick the best suit based on different price ranges. Each of those videos will show you multiple brands, like Alpinestars, AGV Sport, RS Taichi, Cortech, AGV Sport and Cortech. We will focus in on the features and benefits of each suit and provide you with our expert opinion on which suit is best within each price range. We hope you enjoy the videos below, but we know that they might not answer every single question for every person, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you find the right race suit for you.

Featured Race Suit Brands:

  • AGV Sport Race Suits
  • Alpinestars Race Suits
  • Cortech Race Suits
  • RS Taichi Race Suits

How to Choose the Right Size Race Suit


How To Measure Race Suit Size