2022 Yamaha R7 STG Project Bike

  • It has been a couple of years since our last STG Project Bike and we think the Yamaha R7 is the perfect choice for our next build. The 689cc twin cranks out a little over 72hp of smooth, useable power that should make this a ton of fun to ride. With a retail price starting at $8,999 the R7 is a great option for the street or the race track. The styling is inline with the most recent R1, R6 and R3 models with a strong supersport look.

    We have a ton of parts from top brands like Armour Bodies, Attack Performance, Driven Racing, M4 Exhaust, Spiegler, Woodcraft, Yoshimura on the way now with even more planned for the future. Our plan is to begin with a full street build followed by a full track build. Once we have the bike ready for the track we will get Max Van on the bike and see what this bad boy can do in full track trim.

  • Brian Van wrenching on the STG Project Bike
2022 Yamaha R7 STG Project Bike How To Videos

How To Remove and Reinstall The OEM Bodywork On A 2022 Yamaha R7

  • This is the first "How To" video for our STG Yamaha R7 Project Bike. In this video Van shows you how to remove and reinstall every OEM body panel with the exception of the front fender. Almost every modification or maintenance item you will perform on your R7 will require body panels be removed. The OEM kit on this bike is modular and has several pieces along with multiple fastener types. This video covers every clip and fastener used to retain the OEM body which will be helpful if you are reassembling your bike and do not remember where every fastener goes.

    We recommend this video to be used as a reference for all projects that require body panels to be removed. In future videos we will not cover panel service as closely as we have here.

2022 Yamaha R7 Woodcraft Superbike Lifters How To Install

  • The Woodcraft Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 Superbike Lifters are an excellent option to the traditional swingarm spools. These are designed to be used with the Woodcraft Adjustable Rear Superbike Stand to lift and support the rear of your Yamaha R7. Comparing these to the more common swingarm spools the Superbike Lifters are mounted much closer to the edge of the swingarm making them far less likely to be damaged in a crash. Woodcraft offers the Superbike Lifters with optional slider pucks that help to protect the swingarm in a fall if you are not running axle sliders.

    Like anything there are pros and cons with the Superbike Lifters. The pros are the lifters being less likely to be damaged in a fall while still offering a solid lift point. The only real con would be you need a rear stand that is capable of lifting from the Superbike Lifters. We feel these provide a lot of benefit for track riders and are a great option for street riders who need to lift their bike and prefer this look. Another kick ass part from Woodcraft.

2022 Yamaha R7 Woodcraft Superbike Lifters How To Install

  • Installing a set of frame sliders is a great way to help protect your bike during a fall. If you plan to put a set of frame sliders on your Yamaha R7 the Woodcraft Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 Frame Sliders are an excellent option. Our friends at Woodcraft offer several slider puck options that can be installed on their aluminum slider bases. For this video we decided to install their all new Blue Cerakote Insert Slider Pucks. The all new sliders look great on the R7 and will help to protect those expensive OEM fairings if the bike hits the deck.

    The Woodcraft Frame Slider Kit for the R7 is very low profile. This is intentional to offer the most protection possible while reducing the possibility of the slider catching an edge while the bike is sliding after a crash and flipping. For race track applications the most protective slider puck is the Domed Puck. While this one may require a little bodywork trim its shape will do more to protect the bike. If you prefer not to cut the bodywork the short slider puck is also available. For street riders the standard puck is the way to go.

2022 Yamaha R7 M4 Full Exhaust System How To Install

  • M4 Exhaust is one of our best selling exhaust brands here at STG. Each system is hand crafted in Texas and designed to maximize the performance of your Yamaha R7. For our first exhaust install we chose the M4 Yamaha YZF-R7 21-22 Full Exhaust System Carbon Canister. Our shipping scale showed over a 9 lb weight savings as compared to the OEM system. As you can see during the install video this system fits the R7 very well and looks great on the bike. If you prefer a different look M4 also offers the M4 Yamaha YZF-R7 21-22 Full Exhaust System Titanium Canister.

    With each pipe M4 develops their #1 goal is to improve the performance of the bike. To achieve this goal they apply their decades of experience building pipes, their partnership with the M4 Ecstar Suzuki Race Team along with their in house dyno. Once they find the power they were looking for they make it look great on the bike. It is important to note this system is intended for closed course operation as it removes part of the emission control system.

2022 Yamaha R7 OEM vs. M4 Full Exhaust System Sound Comparison

  • In this video Brian Van gives you a quick sound comparison between the Yamaha R7 OEM Exhaust and the M4 Yamaha R7 Full Exhaust System.

2022 Yamaha R7 Yoshimura Fender Eliminator How To Install

  • If you have seen our Best Sportbike Mods piece you already know we believe the fender eliminator is the #1 most critical mod. The OEM rear fender is just massive and really takes away from the naturally good looks of the Yamaha R7. To fix this we installed the Yoshimura Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 Fender Eliminator Kit. We have installed Yosh Fender Eliminators on several of our STG Project Bikes over the years now and have found them to be one of the best in the industry. The overall design is clean and offers the option to use the OEM signals like we did in this install, run without signals if you are using an integrated taillight or install the Yosh turn signals (you will need the optional Yosh brackets to get that done).

    With this video we give you a step by step instruction so you can get the same result from you fender eliminator install we did with ours. In the coming weeks we also plan to install the Yoshimura turn signals on the R7 to showcase that product line.

2022 Yamaha R7 Driven Carbon Track Day Lever Guard How To Install

  • In this install we showcase a Brand New Product from our friends at Driven Racing. Driven is another of our favorite brands here at STG and we were stoked to give our STG Customers a sneak peek at what is to come. Like their aluminum version of the Track Day Lever Guard we are able to get your race number etched on the guard (up to three digits) at no charge. In typical Driven style the blade for the guard is available in several colors to accent your bike.

    Driven Carbon Fiber Trackday Brake Lever Guard

    Driven Carbon Fiber Trackday Clutch Lever Guard

2022 Yamaha R7 Driven Halo Keyless Fuel Cap & Base How To Install

  • A keyless gas cap is a must for any rider planning to hit the track. This mod is also a favorite with many street riders as well, just important to remember the cap no longer locks. In typical Driven Racing style there are several colors available to accent your bike. This is a 2 part system consisting of the Driven HALO Fuel Cap Base Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 (the fuel cap bases are all black and model specific) and a Driven HALO Fuel Cap. The Driven Halo Fuel Cap is sold separate and available is multiple eye catching colors as well as a full stainless steel version.

    This is a pretty simple install most any rider can tackle and get a great result from. We have used this fuel cap on several STG Project Bikes over the years and have been very happy with it. IMPORTANT NOTE: The fuel cap and the base are sold separately.

2022 Yamaha R7 Woodcraft Adjustable Rearsets How To Install

  • The Woodcraft Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 Complete Rearset Kit replace the non adjustable OEM rearsets (with the 3 foot long curb feelers) with a fully adjustable kit so you can get the ergos of the R7 right where you need them. The Woodcraft R7 Rearsets can be used in standard or GP shift pattern without any additional parts. This kit accepts the OEM rear brake light switch and return spring allowing street riders to retain the function of the brake light. For the track day riders and the racers having the return spring integrated helps to ensure there is no rear wheel drag.

    Woodcraft Rearsets are manufactured right here in the USA. Every piece in this kit is available in the event you need replacement parts for your kit. Due to the number of parts in each kit we are not able to list them all on the website. If you need anything not listed please reach out to our staff and they will get them ordered for you.

2022 Yamaha R7 Driven D-Axis Swingarm Spools How To Install

  • The Driven D-Axis Swingarm Spools Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 are a must have for any sportbike rider. If you plan to do any of the service to your new R7 yourself you will need to be able to lift and support the bike securely. In addition to the spools you will also need a rear stand, we recommend either a Pit Bull or a Woodcraft. Both of these are excellent options that will work great with the R7 and can be used with pretty much any other sportbike you may own in the future.

2022 Yamaha R7 Driven Captive Axle Block Adjusters How To Install

  • The Driven Captive Axle Block Adjusters Yamaha YZF-R7 2022 are captured in the end of the swingarm and will hold the adjusters in place when the axle is removed. This makes tire changes much easier than the OEM set up which all but falls out when you remove the rear wheel and axle. This mod is a great option for any track rider as well as a street rider looking to give their R7 that custom look. In typical Driven style these ar available is several eye catching colors.

2022 Yamaha R7 Woodcraft Stator Cover Protector How To Install

  • The 2022 Yamaha R7 Woodcraft Stator Cover Protector bolts on over the brittle OEM stator cover adding a critical layer of crash protection. This is a great option for a street rider and a must have for any track rider. On the R7 the stator cover is super vulnerable in a crash and will typically start leaking oil after impact. The Woodcraft Cover Protector saves the OEM cover from being damaged and can be the difference between picking your bike back up to finish your ride and being side lined with an oil leak.

    This is a realtively simple install most any rider can complete with basic hand tools. To customize the look of your bike Woodcraft offers several eye catching colors for the replaceable skid pad.

2022 Yamaha R7 Spiegler ABS Front & Rear Brake Line Kit How To Install

  • The 2022 Yamaha R7 Spiegler ABS Front & Rear Brake Line Kit is one of the most challenging mods we will do to this bike. Adding ABS to the bike really changes the brake line install quite a bit. We recommend anyone interested installing this line kit on their R7 watch this video before the install to make sure they are comfortable performing this install. Installing this line kit requires removing all of the OEM bodywork along with the fuel tank to gain the access necessary. Once you have the bike torn down most riders with enough mechanical ability to get that far will be able to complete the install. This video should serve as a useful guide in completing this project.

    In this video we cover the install from start to finish. If you are not comfortable with anything you see in this video we strongly recommend you take the bike to a licensed motorcycle technician.