520 Chain and Sprocket Kit Guide

There are many reasons to change the chain and sprocket kit on your motorcycle, the most common one is to increase acceleration. Replacing your stock 530 or 525 pitch chain and sprockets with light weight 520 bits is one of the Best "Bang for the Buck" performance mods you can do to your sportbike. Installing a chain kit requires a little more know how than slapping on a fender eliminator kit which is the reason for this guide. The "How To" videos on this page will help you choose the right chain kit for your needs and show you the steps required to install it on your bike. As always if you are not comfortable with doing this yourself take it to a licensed motorcycle technician.

Everything You Need To Know About Chain and Sprocket Kits

Do your homework before you order a chain kit so your expectaions are inline with the parts your order. If you want a little quicker acceleration a gearing change is in order, if you are happy with the acceleration then stick with the stock gearing combo. Maximum Performance: order a 520 Chain Kit (steel front & aluminum rear sprockets) with performance gearing for quicker acceleration and weight reduction. Improved Performance: order a 520 Chain Kit (steel front & steel rear sprockets) with performance gearing for quicker acceleration and weight reduction. The steel 520 rear sprocket is heavier than the aluminum but lasts longer. Maintainence Replacement: order and OEM Replacement Kit (steel front & steel rear sprocket) with stock gearing and chain pitch. Bling: Colored chain and sprockets look great on the bike.
Make sure you have the tools to do the job! Van has his favorites listed below.

How to Install a Chain and Sprocket Kit

This video will walk you through all the steps involved with installing the chain and sprocket kit on your bike. Van covers all the steps from removing the stock parts to riveting the link and adjusting the chain tension. To get the job done right you will need the right tools, we use all of them during this install. This is a long video because we show everything and take the time to explain it in detail to help you get the level best final result. Key points of a chain kit install are determining the chain length before you cut it (we offer kits that are pre-cut from Vorted and RK/Driven), rivet the link properly (never use a clip link on a street bike) and getting that chain tension dialed in.

Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool Review and "How To"

Motion Pro knocked it out of the park with this chain tool! The Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool sells for $76.49 and is a true all in one chain tool that can break the chain, press the master link side plate on and rivet the master link in place. Over the years we have used (and broken) alot of chain tools, this one is a proven performer we have used several times without any issues. The PBR has been loaned out more than once and made it's way back home alive each time. If you have ever loaned out a chain tool you already know that is typically the kiss of death. We recommend this kit above for anyone looking to install their own 520 chain kit and keep these in stock in our STG Warehouse.
This video is shorter than the full install video and focuses on using the Motion Pro PBR Chain Tool. This is a good reference if you want to see it in action before you use it.

Motion Pro SlackSetter Chain Tension Adjustment Tool Review and "How To"

The Motion Pro SlackSetter Chain Adjustment Tool sells for $13.49 and is a welcome addition to any riders tool box. This is a pretty simple tool that is used to help you keep that chain tension in the proper operating range. It's inexpensive and easy to use, sure you could use a ruler but trust me when I say this is a step forward for sure. This is another core chain kit tool which we keep in stock in our STG Warehouse.

Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool Review and "How To"

The Motion Pro Chain Alignment Tool sells for $12.59 and is a key element not only for getting the chain kit installed but getting the maximum performance from your bike. Proper drive train alignment reduces friction between the chain and sprockets which results in more power available and longer service life. It can also impact the handling of the bike and improve the rideability overall. This is another core chain kit tool which we keep in stock in our STG Warehouse.

Motion Sprocket Jammer Tool Review and "How To"

The Motion Sprocket Jammer Tool sells for $13.49 and can be useful for setting chain adjustment or for rear wheel changes. I really wanted this thing to be a home run and solve the whole "breaking the countershaft sproket nut loose isssue" but it did not perform well when I used it to hold the rear sprocket and break the nut loose. With that said I do find this to be useful for forcing the rear axle against the axle adjuster blocks when setting chain tension or reinstalling a rear wheel. This is a cool little chain kit tool which we keep in stock in our STG Warehouse.

HealTech V4 SpeedoHealer Review and "How To"

The HealTech SpeedoHealer V4 sells for around $100 and is available for most common bikes. When you modify the stock gearing or change the tire sizes on most bikes both the speedometer and odometer will be inaccurate. In our opinion the odometer inaccuray is the big issue as most changes will result in it rergistering more miles than it should which affects the value of your bike negatively. Installing this on most bikes is pretty straight forward, watch the video where Van installs it on the STG Yamaha R3 for more details. It is also important to note that this video focuses on motorcycles that have a speed sensor on the transmission which would cover most modern sportbikes. This can also be installed on bikes that use wheel speed sensors if you have an ABS bike with speedometer inaccuracy, the process would look a little different than shown in the video.
If you are unsure as to wheter or not you would need a SpeedoHealer after installing a chain and sprocket kit please contact us, we are always here to help out.