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Certified Kick Ass Helmet Graphics

Crashed Scorpion EXO-700 Scorpion Chameleon Green Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 6.13.2018

  • There are 2 types of motorcycle riders, those who have crashed and those who have not. Myself I am for sure in the "Have Crashed" rider category. Back in 2008 I had a little high side in this Scorpion Helmet at Grattan Raceway. This incident resulted in a broken collar bone and a bike on fire (thank you to the awesome corner worker who put the fire out!). I really liked this helmet and was super bummed when I crashed it out. Fortunately Scorpion Sponsored Racer Mat Mladin was racing in the same graphic and they sent me an autographed one for the old helmet collection a couple weeks after mine was retired.

Brian Van's Arai Corsair Josh Hayes Jolly Roger Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 6.6.2018

  • For this weeks Kick Ass Helmet Graphic I dove deep into my personal helmet collection. The Arai Josh Hayes Jolly Roger Helmet is one of the coolest graphics I have ever seen, proud to have this one in my collection for sure. Josh Hayes is one of the All Time Great American Motorcycle Racers with 4 AMA Superbike Championships, 2 AMA Formula Extreme Championships and 1 AMA SuperStock 750 Championship in his trophy case. Back in 2011 Josh made his MotoGP debut filling in for Colin Edwards on the Tech 3 Yamaha at Valencia where he led the morning warmup and finished the race in 7th! Check out this video where we break down the Teknic Race Suit he wore during his MotoGP experience. At the end of this video we show the video we shot in 2008 when Josh came out to the shop for a visit to sign a couple helmets for a give away we were running. Tons of great memories in the STG Video Archives from the last 12 years.

Brian Van's Arai Corsair X Nicky 6 Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 5.30.2018

  • This week I decided to show off my Arai Corsair X Nicky-6 Helmet which is the very helmet my lil buddy Max Van was hoping to get for his first track helmet last year. Last week Max and Video Steve hijacked my "Kick Ass Helmet Graphic of The Week" so I decided to fire back and tease the kid with the helmet he wishes he had! This is one of my all time favorite helmets and will be a fixture in my office once it is retired from service for sure. Nicky Hayden was a great champion and ambassador for motorcycling who's legend will live on for many generations to come.

Max Van's Arai Vector 2 Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 5.23.2018

  • When you think of a Kick Ass Helmet Graphic it would be fair to say that a solid color helmet would not be the first image to enter your mind. This Arai Vector 2 Helmet is pretty special to our resident 12 year old youth rider Max Van because this is the helmet he uses when he rides the STG Yamaha R3 on the track with Sportbike Track Time. When Max hits the track his safety is a priority for us which is why we decided to invest in an Arai Helmet for his first track lid. While he may have had his heart set on that Arai Corsair X Nicky Hayden Helmet he understood the smart play was the solid color Arai Vector 2 Helmet and loves burning laps while wearing His First Arai!

Shark Race-R Pro Lorenzo Monster Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 5.16.2018

  • Our latest Kick Ass Helmet Graphic of the Week is the Shark Race-R Pro Lorenzo Monster Helmet. Lorenzo is a 5 Times World Champion with 2 250 Titles and 3 MotoGP Titles thus far in his career. Hard to deny this makes him one of the best riders the world has ever seen, still people love to hate on Lorenzo for some reason. (Yes Jimmy I am talking about you man) IMO it should be illegal to talk shit about someone you can not pass yourself.

Bell Star MIPS Torsion Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 5.9.2018

  • So this may not be a Racer Replica or have an evil Lepricon on it but it is still for sure KICK ASS IMO! The Bell Star MIPS Torsion Helmet looks amazing in the Red, White and Blue color. The photos do not do this one any justice on the site, tons of detail when you get this one in your hands. Hard not to love a helmet with a patriotic color scheme, 'Merica!

HJC RPHA 11 Pro Spider-Man Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 5.2.2018

  • The HJC RPHA 11 Pro Spider-Man Helmet is one of my personal favorite graphics, I have this one and love riding in it. This helmet look awesome and it is currently on Closeout so we have an amazing price of $255.59 ($349.40 Savings) on it. It comes with both a clear and dark smoke shield (no additonal charge) plus a Marvel Logo on the helmet bag.

    The HJC RPHA 11 Pro Helmet is a solid value in the $400ish price range which makes this helmet a Kick Ass Buy at only $255!

AGV Pista GP R Carbon Mugello 2017 Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.25.2018

  • The AGV Valentino Rossi Helmets are always kick ass, hard to argue that fact. This one is special because it doubles as a tribute to one best racers ever to burn laps in MotoGP, Nicky Hayden. The AGV Pista GP R Carbon Mugello 2017 Kentucky Kid Tribute Helmet was worn in Rossi's home race as a tribute to Nicky Hayden and some dude who played soccer (I am sure he was awesome, no disrespect intended of course).

    This is a Limited Edition Helmet and currently retails for $1599.

Shoei X-14 Marquez Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.18.2018

  • Marc Marquez put on quite a show during the 2018 Argentina Round of the MotoGP. Watching him run with that bike, bump start it and run back to his grid spot before the start of the race was something to see. Hard to believe he was able to take the lead in 1.5 laps after all that. The Shoei X-Fourteen Marquez Helmet is a great graphic worn by one of the best the world has ever seen.

    Well if you don't live under a rock odds are you have already seen Marquez take Rossi out towards the end of the race. Gotta love a little controversy heading into the Austin Round of the MotoGP!

Arai Corsair X Russell Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.11.2018

  • Arai has a ton of great graphics for sure. We could have went with (and for sure will) the Arai Corsair X Nicky 7 Helmet, but we really love this Russell graphic (this is actually Jimmy's helmet!). The Arai Corsair X Russell Helmet pays tribute to a Great American Racer most commonly known as "Mr. Daytona". Scott Russell has 5 Daytona wins with Superbike Championships in both the AMA and WSBK.

    This helmet is really stunning in person and it is on one of the very best helmets in the world which doesn't hurt. You know the graphic is cool when other pro racers wear it on track like we saw Jake Lewis #85 do while riding the M4 ESCTAR Suzuki in 2017 with MotoAmerica.

ICON Airmada LeprICON Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.4.2018

  • When it comes to Kick Ass Helmet Graphics ICON is for sure in a class all of their own. Wind the clock back several seasons to the ICON Mainframe Eternal Saint Helmet with the removable sticker over the pinup girls boobs and you will understand why ICON just had to be the first brand we featured. Our First Ever STG Certified Kick Ass Helmet Graphic is The ICON Airmada Lepricon Helmet. When you ride with the Airmada LeprICON every ride is sure to end with a Pot Of Gold!

    The LeprICON looks great in the pics and even better in person. The gold flake, gold foil, and RST Gold Shield (included with the helmet) look great in the pics and even better in person.