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Certified Kick Ass Helmet Graphics

Shoei X-14 Marquez Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.18.2018

  • Shoei X-Fourteen Marquez Helmet
  • Marc Marquez put on quite a show during the 2018 Argentina Round of the MotoGP. Watching him run with that bike, bump start it and run back to his grid spot before the start of the race was something to see. Hard to believe he was able to take the lead in 1.5 laps after all that. The Shoei X-Fourteen Marquez Helmet is a great graphic worn by one of the best the world has ever seen.

    Well if you don't live under a rock odds are you have already seen Marquez take Rossi out towards the end of the race. Gotta love a little controversy heading into the Austin Round of the MotoGP!

Arai Corsair X Russell Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.11.2018

  • Arai has a ton of great graphics for sure. We could have went with (and for sure will) the Arai Corsair X Nicky 7 Helmet, but we really love this Russell graphic (this is actually Jimmy's helmet!). The Arai Corsair X Russell Helmet pays tribute to a Great American Racer most commonly known as "Mr. Daytona". Scott Russell has 5 Daytona wins with Superbike Championships in both the AMA and WSBK.

    This helmet is really stunning in person and it is on one of the very best helmets in the world which doesn't hurt. You know the graphic is cool when other pro racers wear it on track like we saw Jake Lewis #85 do while riding the M4 ESCTAR Suzuki in 2017 with MotoAmerica.

ICON Airmada LeprICON Helmet - Certified Kick Ass Graphic 4.4.2018

  • When it comes to Kick Ass Helmet Graphics ICON is for sure in a class all of their own. Wind the clock back several seasons to the ICON Mainframe Eternal Saint Helmet with the removable sticker over the pinup girls boobs and you will understand why ICON just had to be the first brand we featured. Our First Ever STG Certified Kick Ass Helmet Graphic is The ICON Airmada Lepricon Helmet. When you ride with the Airmada LeprICON every ride is sure to end with a Pot Of Gold!

    The LeprICON looks great in the pics and even better in person. The gold flake, gold foil, and RST Gold Shield (included with the helmet) look great in the pics and even better in person.