2017-2018 Yamaha R6 STG Project Bike

  • The 2017 - 2018 Yamaha R6 is the most advanced 600cc Supersport Motorcycle ever produced. Over the years Van has built a lot of STG Project Bikes, and he had to add the new R6 to the list for sure! The only problem was that he has morphed into a lazy, corner camping, straight away blasting 1000cc rider who sits in the middle of the seat on every lap (He's still pretty fast: So, we had to get a little creative in order to find a new R6 and make this awesome project happen. We decided to search for a local STG Rider with a 17 R6 willing to let Van wrench on his bike over the winter, transforming it into a kick ass STG Project Bike.

    It didn't take long to find Ryan and talk him into dropping off his shinny new 2017 Yamaha R6 so we could get the party started. We will keep this page updated with the progress adding at least one new video each week until the snow thaws and Ryan picks up his fully modded R6.

  • Brian Van wrenching on the 17 R6
2017-2018 Yamaha R6 STG Project Bike How To Videos

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 M4 Full Exhaust System Install

  • M4 designed an all new canister for the Yamaha R6 improving on their previous R6 updating it to showcase all they have learned since the previous model R6 was released in 2006. Installing the M4 Yamaha R6 Stainless Full Exhaust with X96 Carbon Canister requires a reasonable level of mechanical skill as well as a set of common metric hand tools. This video install is complete and could be used to help most riders navigate through the install.

    Installing the M4 full system on the 2017-2018 R6 adds just short of 8hp at 15,600 RPM and saves a massive 12 lbs over the stock exhaust. M4 is our best selling exhaust here at STG, this system really showcases their performance, quality and value.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 SkutrNet Exhaust Servo Buddy Install

  • When install most aftermarket exhaust systems on your R6 the exhaust servo motor and cables will need to be removed to facilitate the install. This will illuminate the check engine light on your insturment cluster which needs to be addressed. Installing the SkutrNet Yamaha R6 Exhaust Servo Buddy will mimick the servo motor so the ecu thinks all is well with the exhaust circuit preventing the FI light from coming on due to exhaust faults while still keeping its functionality to warn you if anything else is wrong with the bike! Simply disconnecting the FI light or putting tape over it could mask potentially serious problems and lead to a damaged engine.

    Installing the SkutrNet Exhaust Servo Buddy is far less complicated than replacing the exhaust making this a mod most riders are able to handle. Removing the exhaust servo motor and cables removes a bit of weight from the bike while cleaning up the undertail area, both are welcome benefits for sure.

How To Remove The Stock Bodywork on a 2017-2018 Yamaha R6

  • The all new R6 really showcases the design and engineering skill of Yamaha. As the bikes advance servicing them becomes a little more challenging. Removing the stock bodywork is required for many of the installs you will see Van do throughout this build. Use this as a resource for your own R6 installs to guide you through the process of bodywork removal and installation.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Yoshimura Fender Eliminator Install

  • No one wants to ride around with that boat anchor OEM rear fender on their bike, this is a fact. Installing the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 Yoshimura Fender Eliminator is just what the doctor ordered to clean up the rear of your R6 and keep you from being stoned at your next group ride. We have installed Yoshimura Fender Eliminators on several STG Project Bikes over the years and have always been happy with the end result. This kit is a realtively easy install, one that most riders can complete using only common hand tools.

    Yoshiumua is a hosehold name in motorcycle exhausts, their line of Yoshimura Genuine Accessories is a great addition to their catalog for sure. They offer a full range of parts for your 2017 and up R6 to help take your project to the next level.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Spiegler Brake Line Kit Install

  • Replacing the stock rubber brake hoses with a braided stainless steel line kit will improve the braking performance of your bike a metric shit ton. I feel this is the best overall bang for the buck sportbike mod that should be done on any bike that came with rubber hoses. Installing the Speigler Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Kit on the 2017 and up ABS equipped Yamaha R6 is the most challenging brake line kits install I have done to date. (I have installed more kits than I can count by now) This video contains both an overview and the full install for a total length of just over 1 hour. This video install is complete and could be used to help most riders navigate through the install.

    We use Spiegler Brake Lines on all of our STG bikes and recommend them to any rider with confidence. If you are planning to install a set of brake lines or bleed the brakes on your bike we recommend picking up the Speed Bleeder Bag and Hose Kit. This makes the whole process of bleeding the brakes much cleaner and it can be reused.

Swingarm Spools - Why you need them on your bike.

  • Most modern sportbikes have a threaded boss on the rear swingarm that allows for the installation of rear swingarm spools. In this video Van explains what swingarm spools are and why you need them on your bike. Installing the Yamaha R6 Driven Spools is something any rider can handle with basic hand tools and a little thread locker. The #1 reason for installing a set of spools is they allow you to lift the bike with a spooled motorcycle rear stand.

    If you own a sportbike you either already own a motorcycle stand or would see one in your future if you had a crystal ball. A motorcycle stand is a key part of any riders kit, we recommend purchasing a quality stand the first time and skip the cheap low quality stands. If you would like more information on motorcycle stands check out our STG Motorcycle Stand Buyers Guide.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Oil Cap & Engine Plug Install

  • I know you're thinking "Why in the hell would you do a video on something this simple?" when you look at this. We did this video to show you how Bad Ass the Driven Racing R6 Oil Plug and Driven R6 Engine Plug look installed on the bike. Made in the USA and available in multiple colors to add that pop of color to your bike you know you want. They come pre-drilled for safety wire if you are racing or riding track days.

    Driven Racing products are Made in the U.S.A. with both passion and pride. Over the last few years as the motorcycle industry has changed many brands have stopped producing performance parts in eye catching colors like blue, red, gold and silver, focusing on black. Sure black is the safe color that appeals to most everyone. For those of us who need a little bling in our lives Driven Racing has just what the doctor ordered.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Hotbodies Racing Carbon Fiber Fender Install

  • Over the years we have install a ton of Hotbodies Racing products here at STG. This new carbon fiber line they have is the best fitting stuff we have installed so far. The quality of the Hotbodies 2017 and up Yamaha R6 Carbon Fender was top shelf and the fit was very close to that of the OEM front fender we replaced it with.

    This Kaben Carbon Fiber front fender is part of a full line being imported by Hotbodies Racing that includes front fenders, rear huggers and chain guards for most popular sportbikes. If you have a 2017 or newer Honda Grom they have a wide range of carbon parts to take your mini project to the next level.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Mirror Eliminator Install

  • Replacing the stock mirrors with a set of mirror block offs really cleans up the front of the bike giving it that race bike look. The Driven R6 Mirror Eliminator Kit are one of the prettiest motorcycle bolt ons I have ever seen. When my man at Driven designed these he wanted to create something that really stood out from the crowd. To make that happen he used 3D machining to shape the block offs and add tremendous detail.

    Available in multiple colors to match your own personal style these can be run on a street or track bike. Some riders may think adding mirror eliminators to a track bike is ridiculous, I would counter that with simple logic: blending beauty with performance is the path to perfection!

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 New Rage Cycles LED Front Turn Signals Install

  • On the 17 and up R6 the turn signals are integrated into the mirrors. After we installed the Driven Mirror Eliminators on our 2017 R6 Project Bike we started searching for front signals for the bike and found a set from a company called New Rage Cycles that looked pretty trick. The New Rage Cycles Yamaha R6 2017 ad up LED Front Turn Signals offer a unique design, excellent quality and are made here in the U.S.A.

    These LED front signals are easy to install and look awesome on the bike. This is a creative deign that allows you to install mirror block offs and retain the front signals. All OEM connectors make them plug and play.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 New Rage Cycles Mirror Eliminator Install

  • The New Rage Cycles Mirror Eliminators for the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 offer a clean design that gets right to the point and install easy. They fit closely to the stock bodywork and are available in black only. On the 17 and up R6 the turn signals are integrated into the mirrors. If you want to retain the front turn signals on the bike you will need to order up a set of the matching LED Signals from New Rage.

    New Rage Cycles is a relatively new brand we discovered when searching for a set of LED front signals for the R6. After doing a little research on our own we called and spoke with one of the owners to learn more about their product line up. New Rage is located in New York and manufactures a unique line of bike accessories at their location in NY that has a style all it's own. From there we placed an opening order and got busy adding their products to the site.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 New Rage Cycles Fender Eliminator Install

  • The New Rage Cycles 2017 and up R6 Fender Eliminator is in a class all it's own. It includes LED Signals, Plate Light (you can install it without the plate light if you choose) and mounts up high and tight to the under tail of the R6 for a super clean look. You can pair this up with their Front LED Signals and dial in your R6 on both ends.

    New Rage Cycles designed this to stand out in a crowd with it's high and tight plate mount and those kick ass boomarang shaped LED Signals. Installing this with their LED front signals transforms the R6 into a Supersport Street Machine that will turn heads everyhwere it goes.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Axle Block Sliders Install

  • The Driven Racing Axle Block Sliders for the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 are available in several kick ass colors and feature integrated slider pucks to protect the axle and swingarm in a tip over. It is important to note that when installing these on the 17 and up R6 you will need to install the spools in the forward most hole in the swingarm which requires a special set of spools. We spell this all out in the product listing and have a link to the spool kit you will need to complete the install if you intend to run spools on your bike.

    Installing the Driven Axle Block Sliders requires removal of the rear axle of your bike. In order to do this you will need a rear stand to support the bike while you remove the axle to facilitate the install.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Endurance Cups Install

  • The Driven Racing Endurance Cups for the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 are a cool little bolt on part that installs easily under the front and rear axle nuts that is both cosmetic and functional. The functional part would be it will protect the axle nut in a crash and helps to guide the socket onto the axle nut for tire changes. In our opinon the cosemtic part is the best part! Installing these on your bike along with some of the other Driven bolts ons really sets the bike off. The Endurance Cups are available in five bright anodized colors.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Axle Block Sliders Install

  • The Driven Racing Halo Folding Levers for the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 are available for both the brake and clutch. When I first removed the levers from the package we couldn't tell that they were a folding lever because the tolerance of the folding joint was so good I did not see it at first. Halo levers are 3/4 length (in between full lenght and shorty levers), folding and fully adjustable. They are available for most common sportbikes now.

    We were impressed with the Halo Levers the minute we took them out of the package. The machining looks great featuring a nice finish and super smooth action from both the adjuster and folding joint.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Halo Fuel Cap Install

  • For the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 Halo Fuel Cap Driven did something a little different for their Cap Base design. Striving for that "Factory" look Driven designed the base to accept the stock fuel cap gasket for a super clean install. When installing the base you will need to trim that stock gasket a little bit and we show you how to do this in the video. End of the day this is a very basic procedure that most any rider with common hand tools can easily do.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven TT Rearsets Install

  • The Driven TT Rearsets for the 2017 and up Yamaha R6 replace those slippery stock footpegs with pegs that keep your feet planeted when the pace picks up and the adjustability you need to get the bike dialed in for your riding style. Both the footpegs and toe pieces can be adjusted on the TT Rearsets using to ensure you can find that perfect spot. This kit comes with all necessary hardware to set up the YZF-R6 for either standard or reverse shift with no modifications.

    Installing a set of rearsets on the 2017 and up Yamaha YZF-R6 is pretty straight forward. On the ABS equipped R6 the brake side rearset may require a little finesse.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 R&G Racing Aero Style No Cut Frame Sliders Install

  • These frame sliders are the very first R&G part I have ever installed and I have to say I was impressed. R&G did an amazing job with the fit, design and quality on this kit for sure. The R&G Racing Yamaha R6 2017 and up Aero Style Frame Sliders (No Cut) are pretty spendy coming in at just under $300 but the truth is if you ride the street, love your R6 and appreciate real quality you will not find a better set of frame sliders. This is a great example of "you get what you pay for" IMO.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 R&G Racing Frame Plugs Install

  • Yes we really did an install video for these frame plugs. To be fair I had never seen these before and felt they were actually pretty cool, nice touch on a street bike. The R&G Frame Plugs for the 2008-2018 Yamaha R6 are available for both the right side and the left side sold separately. This is a super simple bolt on and they look good installed.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven D-Axis Lever Guard Install

  • A Brake Lever Guard can be the difference between some light contact and cart wheeling down the straight away. The Driven D-Axis Lever Guard is available for the Brake Side as well as the Clutch Side. They are fully adjustable and come with lots of mounting hardware that will accomadate most any modern sportbike. In typical Driven Style the D-Axis Lever Guards look as good as they perform.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven D-Axis Grips Install

  • The grips that come on the bike from the factory are just too damn smooth and boring Installing a set of grips is something most riders will do before too much time passes. There are a few different methods of installing grips, I like to use grip glue because I do not like the grips coming moving around on the bars at all. The right side and the Driven D-Axis Grips are one of my favorites as they offer a perfect bled of bling and feel. The metal accents are on the edges of the grip so they are not in the way and the grip itself offers excellent feel while absorbing some of the vibrations while riding.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 R&G Racing Engine Case Cover Kit Install

  • When it comes to engine cover protection there are several options available today. We have done installs on full covers, aluminum cover guards and plastic over covers on multiple models over the years. The R&G Racing Covers are a 4mm thick polypropylene design that covers the entire OEM cover with an integrated slider puck. The R&G Racing Yamaha YZF-R6 08-17 Race Series 3-Piece Engine Case Cover Kit install was straight forward and the instructions supplied by R&G are good. In order to install the cover protectors on the R6 the side fairings need to be removed.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Block Off Plates Install

  • If you have replaced the stock exhaust and removed the cat you should remove the air injection system and install a set of block off plates. This will reduce the popping on deceleration, help you lose a little weight and most importantly allow you to get an accurate tune. The Driven Racing Yamaha R6 Block Off Plates take some effort to install and we reccomend taking the bike to a licensed technician if you are not comfortable doing the install yourself. If you choose to tackle it yourself this video will help guide you through the process.

    On the 17 and up R6 removing the air injection system will turn the check engine light on. In order to turn the light off we recommend flashing the stock ECU with the FlashTune Yamaha R6 2017-2018 ECU Bench Tuner Kit from FTECU. Installing these plated or removing the cat are both intended for off-road use only.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Driven Front Brake Reservoir Install

  • This is a cool mod that really dresses up the controls and adds a pop of color. The Driven Racing Brake Fluid Reservoir install is not a direct fit simple bolt on mod. Installing this requires a little creativity to get it dialed in the way you want it, but it is worth the effort for sure. Driven supplies 2 mounting brackets to choose from which gives you some flexibility with the install. For the Yamaha R6 we went with their Universal Reservoir Bracket (included in this kit) and were real happy with the end result.

    The steps required to install this will vary from bike to bike, but this video should get you pointed in the right direction for your install. The reservoirs are available in 2 sizes and multiple exit types to accommodate most motorcycle models for the front brake, rear brake and clutch.

2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Hotbodies Race Bodywork Install

  • If you plan to hit the track with your R6 we recommend installing a set of race plastics. Installing a set of race bodywork can be one of the most challenging mods you will make to your bike. OEM bodywork is very expensive which makes crashing with it on the bike a heart breaker. Race bodywork is much cheaper, typically holds up better in a crash and the lower acts as a fluid retention system if you spring a leak on track. The Hotbodies 2017-2018 Yamaha R6 Race Bodywork fit the bike well with only a couple minor issues we cover in the video install.

    It is very important to understand this is not your typical bolt on mod so be patient and be prepared to get a little creative during the process. If you have a 2017 and up Yamaha R6 this video should be a big help when installing Hotbodies Race Bodywork.