Motorcycle ECU Flash. Do I Need To Do It?



All information provided on this page and in the video pertains to motorcycles, including Max Van's MotoAmerica Supersport Suzuki GSX-R750 pictured below, intended for use in closed-course environments such as track days or racing.

Off Road Use Only

I installed a full exhaust on my bike. Will it blow up if I do not get it tuned?

While there are exceptions to every rule, the short answer is no--installing an exhaust system and riding your bike without tuning it on a dyno will not necessarily cause it to blow up. However, if you aim to maximize the performance gains from the installed parts and the effort you've invested, getting your bike tuned is highly recommended.

Should I install a piggyback fuel controller or have the ECU flashed?

Most motorcycles are equipped with factory ECU restrictions to comply with emission and noise regulations for public road use. Simply installing a piggyback or add-on fuel controller won't modify these restrictions, potentially leading to a significant reduction in your bike's performance. We strongly believe that having the ECU flashed by a qualified tuner is the best option to unleash your motorcycle's full potential.

I want to get my ECU flashed. Where can I go to get this done?

As part of this project, we meticulously researched quality resources for a service we don't offer. Tuning a motorcycle's ECU is sensitive work that demands the expertise of a reputable professional. While dropping off your bike at a local shop with a good reputation for dyno tuning is an option, it may not be feasible for most riders. In such cases, the 'Mail-In ECU Flash' option emerges as the most practical and convenient choice.

For mail-in ECU flashing, we highly recommend 2 Wheel DynoWorks in Kirkland, WA. Nels, Nate, and their team have crafted tunes for numerous common bikes, delivering the performance you need to elevate your riding experience. With a comprehensive database of files developed for various exhaust and intake modifications, they ensure tailored tunes rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. Moreover, their dedication extends beyond dyno time, as they invest significant effort in refining tunes at the race track.

For our local Michigan customers interested in in-person bike tuning at a trusted shop, we highly recommend Duane Hoffer from Hoffer Performance. Duane's expertise includes tuning MotoAmerica bikes that Max has raced, and he consistently delivers excellent results.

This page is a great start but I still have a ton of questions!

If, after watching the video or reading this page, you find yourself hungry for more information, we highly recommend checking out the Kick Ass FAQ Page developed by Nate from 2 Wheel DynoWorks. This FAQ serves as an excellent resource and addresses almost any question you might have. Click the logo below to dive in...

2 Wheel DynoWorks FAQ Link

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