About STG

The idea for Sportbike Track Gear began at the local racetrack. I was already there riding many weekends throughout the year and built some amazing relationships from being around such a good, likeminded group of people. The need for a trackside vendor was there and most of it started as a side business to fund my trackday habit. It progressed into selling and shipping helmets from garage and living room, eventually outgrowing the space I had at my house. The business took off enough and I quit my full time job as a mechanic and started working on the STG website full time.

Riding and racing has always been a passion of mine and I still try to make time throughout the riding season to hit my favorite tracks at least a couple times. Sportbike is in our name and will forever be the roots of the company with the products we focus on and sell. We may offer more products than we used to in the past, but our motto will stay true, if we won't use it, we don't sell it!

When you browse our online catalog you will see we do not offer every brand under the sun. We are very careful in choosing the brands that you see listed in the catalog pages of our store. We feel it is not possible to offer every brand available and service them all properly. We choose those which offer the best performance and value for our customers. The area of product testing we really focus on is personal safety gear. Whether it is a 1 piece leather race suit, a new helmet, back protector or pair of motorcycle boots, you can count on the fact we have done our homework before we offer the item to our customers.

Let our experience work for you. Whether you are a seasoned track rider or new to the sport all together we are happy to assist you. From motorcycle tires to a new motorcycle helmet we are here to help you choose what will work best for your intended application. We make a real effort to search out products that offer top level performance at an affordable price. Many times the most expensive choice is not the best performer of the lot.

Thank You,

Brian Van
President STG