All New 2020 STG Project Bike

  • In October of 2019 I dragged Mr. Jimmy Fox down to Barber Motorsports Park to spend a couple of days riding with our friends from Sportbike Track Time. We spent a couple of days with our friends Johnny, Joe, Mark and Pete at the best track in the country. During this trip I forced on poor old Jimmy he remembered just how fun it is to ride motorcycles and hang out with awesome people. He had so much fun he decided to replace his trusty 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 with a lightly used 2018 BMW S1000RR.

    Over the years we have built several project bikes, this BMW will be the first Euro Bike we have built to date. While I am sure this project will present some new challenges I am looking forward to building a great track bike for my man Jimmy Fox! - Brian Van Owner STG

  • Brian Van wrenching on the STG Project Bike
2018 BMW S1000RR STG Project Bike How To Videos

Woodcraft BMW S1000RR 2010-2018 Swingarm Slider Spools Install

  • No matter what you do in life best practice is to always put your best foot forward. At the start of any relationship a great first impression goes a long way IMO. When you take a pretty girl on a date be smart enough to walk with her to the car and open her door. These little gestures of kindness make people feel good and motivate them to do nice things for you.

    If you want your new motorcycle to treat you nice then you need to make a great first impression. No better way to get that done than providing her with a quality set of motorcycle stands to rest safely on like the Pit Bull Stands that support our new STG BMW S1000RR. Check out our Woodcraft BMW S1000RR 2010-2018 Swingarm Slider Spools for a deep dive into the world of quality motorcycle stands.

2015-2018 BMW S1000RR Woodcraft Rearsets

  • These Woodcraft Rearsets are the best adjustable rearsets on the market. Woodcraft makes these out of an aircraft grade aluminum and it is way stronger than the original equipment. These rearsets are crazy durable in a crash too, with woodcraft supplying individual parts to replace things after the slide. Just ask any of our staff who have used them and they can tell you how easily repairable and durable these rearsets really are.

    The stock rearsets on the bike are not adjustable and are completely useless in a crash. You can set these rearsets up spefically to your height with the amound of adjustability that woodcraft provides. Installing the Woodcraft BMW S1000RR 2015-2018 Rearsets Install is very simple by following our video, the rearsets gives the BMW a much cleaner and cooler look. Woodcraft also makes the shifting style reversable for a rider who enjoys GP shift or the stock shifting pattern.

2010-2018 BMW S1000RR Woodcraft Frame Slider

  • These Woodcraft Frame Sliders are the best puck sliders on the market. If you are worried about your bike hitting the pavment (which will probably happen eventally, knock on wood) then these are the pucks for you. They are easily replacable after they save your BMW in crash with one single bolt to replace them. The pucks are solid and provide a longer sliding life than other pucks on the market. For the 2015-2018 model years there is no cutting of the fairings needed to fit them.

    Installing and replacing the Woodcraft BMW S1000RR 2010-2018 Frame Sliders increases the likelyhood that your bike will not be toataled after a crash. These pucks are a must if you ever plan on going to the race track or whether you are a must for safety on the street.

2009-2018 BMW S1000RR Woodcraft Engine Stator Cover

  • In the event of a crash you want your motorcycle to be protected. You can't be bothered to stay awake at night with the fact that if you crash your bike will be ruined, you have more important things to be worried about. To take away all of the sleepless nights that you are having Woodcraft crafted this engine stator cover protector 2009-2018 BMW S1000RR Woodcraft Engine Stator Cover Install that is designed to protect your bike crash after crash.

    Woodcraft has made a 2 piece design that is very functional and can make your bike stand out in a crowd. They are super customizable and you can choose from stainless steel, black, red, blue, and natural colors to fit your style. Get these today to help you sleep at night and for you to stand out of the crowd at your next track day or bike meet.

2009-2018 BMW S1000RR Woodcraft Engine Crankshaft Cover

  • This install is a bit harder than the rest so far, however don't let what I just said discourage you from the protection your BMW needs. IMO this is one of the most important protection upgrades that your BMW needs for a crash. That stock cover is just not gonna do it in the event of a crash, plus with the new cover you can ad some bling to your bike.

    Now don't panic we have a very in depth video of our Woodcraft BMW S1000RR 2009-2018 RHS Engine Crankshaft Cover installation on our 2018 BMW S1000RR, if you need any help refer to that or ask Van a question on the Youtube video itself as he always responds to your comments.

2015-2018 BMW S1000RR Driven Mirror Eliminator

  • Have you ever wanted to go faster and look better on your bike? Well, Driven Racing has you covered. Their Mirror eliminator kit comes with some stylish color options and at least a 10Hp gain from installing these alone. Of course if you are riding on the street check your state laws to see if you can ride without mirrors or not (unless you like to break the law). Multiple companies make bar end mirrors to once again make your bike "Street Legal".

    Now heres the thing, here at STG we love our track days and who cares about the people you are leaving in the dust! So just go buy a pair of 2015-2018 BMW S1000RR Driven Mirror Eliminator so you don't have to keep looking at those loosers and you can focus on the track/road ahead!

2010-2018 BMW S1000RR Driven HALO Fuel Cap and Base

  • This one is a little tricky, yes you can just buy the HALO Fuel cap but then you wouldn't be able to install it on your BMW! For this install you will also need the base(sold by driven and fully customizable) to intall this on your bike. However the final look and ease of use is totally worth it.

    This is an essentail item for racing. Your gas refill time will drop and you won't even have to take the key our of the ignition to fill the bike up(this might be illegal in most states by the pump). But if you want a fuel cap that makes you look cooler and "ride" faster than look into a Driven HALO Fuel Cap and 2010-2018 Driven HALO Fuel Cap Base to satisfy you and your motorcycles desires.

Driven Oil Fill Caps BMW S1000RR 2010-2018

  • Unless you race on the the track you probably don't see the importance of this upgrade. These Driven oil fill caps come with pre-drilled holes for safety wire which is a mandatory track day mod for your bike to pass tech. So if you have any intention of ever riding on a track then buy one of these. If you ride on the street however, this could be the extra touch that gets you noticed out of the crowd. Bling Bling.

    If your looking at this for the actual benifit of saftey wiring your oil fill cap or for just haveing a little more bling for your bike check them out here Driven Oil Fill Caps BMW S1000RR 2010-2018. As an added benifit these can only be removed by an allen key, making sure no normie could ever steal your oil fill cap.

Lightech Chain Adjusters BMW S1000RR 2009-2018

  • These lightech chain adjusters are AWESOME. Not only do they get rid of the guessing game that is the original lame black adjusters that fall out everytime you change the tire, they also give you some crazy color matched options to make your bike look better and ride better.

    When it comes to changing a tire you can ask Mr. Van himself how much he hates doing it unless these Lightech Chain Adjusters BMW S1000RR 2009-2018 lightech chain adjusters are installed. With the amount of precise adjustment that these allow you can make sure that your bike is perfectly straight.

BMW S1000RR Fairing Removal & Installation

  • Have you ever wished that you could just snap your fingers and your motorcycle fairings would dissapear? Look no futher my friend, at STG we take pride in helping "do it yourselfers" like yourself dissasemble your bike. Also if you need help re-installing all of the fairings you just took off we can help with that too.

    Just watch the video here and click on the time stamp that will help you navigate to the fairing that you need to remove. If you aren't Marc Marquez and you are worried about crashing on these beautiful fairings BMW designed then may I interest you in some Hotbodies Racing BMW S1000RR 2015-2018 Race Bodywork

Driven Trackday Brake Lever Guard

  • These Driven lever guards are the best looking mod for your track or street motorcycle. Not only do they look good they protect your your bike during a crash, and keeps the brake lever from being pulled accidentaly by foriegn objects.

    These things are made out of billet aluminum, a super strong and lightweight material. If you want your bike to look cool like ours then check out these Driven Trackday Brake Lever Guards

SkutrNet BMW S1000RR 2015-2018 Exhaust Servo Buddy

  • So you want to get rid of that lame, quiet, and huge stock exhaust that is on your bike? Well if you do it without doing this first you will run into some very annoying check engine lights on your dash. So let us help you out and save you some time and money when you put on that sick aftermarket can!

    These little SkutrNet Servo Buddies are your saving grace. They may seem expensive, but they will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. If you decide not to run these when changing out your exhaust then don't call us and complain cause all we are going to say is we told ya so.

Akrapovic BMW S1000RR 2015-2018 Evolution Line Titanium Full Exhaust System

  • This exhaust is the creme de la creme, the best that money can buy. Simply put there is no better choice for your motorcycle(if you have the cash). You can admire the sound as well as the looks as the silver titanium turns to sweet colors of blue and purple as your exhaust gets hot. This is the exhaust of the motorcycle Gods.

    Not only does it look good and sound good it also saves you about 20lbs of weight. Worth it? Id say its worth its weight in diamonds. You can request your hand made Akrapovic Evolution Line Titanium Full Exhaust System at STG.

2015-2018 BMW S1000RR Zero Gravity Wind Screen

  • Ever feel like you're getting punched by God when you come out of the bubble on your sportbike doing 170mph? Then you might need one of these Zero Gravity windscreens! They enlarge the bubble and make bigger guys more comfortable on the motorcycle.

    These Zero Gravity Windscreens are the best in the business. They are made from the finest acylic plastic and are optically correct. If you're a tall guy (above 6ft.) then you need one of these, and if you arent that tall get a tinted one to make your bike look sexier.

2009-2018 BMW S1000RR MotoHolders Race Fairing Stay

  • This is exactly what it looks like it is. Its a new aluminum fairing stay for RACE BODYWORK ONLY. If you ever plan on running headlights on your bike then don't even consider this option.

    Heres the link to buy your MotoHolders Fairing Stay. Its kinda cool I guess . . . come on . . . click on it...I dare you...have you clicked on it yet?. . . why not? . . . whats stopping you? . . . cause im certainly not . . .

Armour Bodies BMW S1000RR 2015-2018 Pro Series Bodywork Supersport Kit

  • This is the best aftermarket race fairing kit on the market for this bike. Would you just look at it. Jimmy (the bike owner) bought this because its the best of the best and he does not accept anyting below the best. Be like Jimmy.

    This Armour Bodies Race Bodywork Kit is super cool, don't take my word for it, call Jimmy up for yourself and ask him what he thinks.

BMC Air Filter BMW S1000RR 2009-2018

  • Do you ever get tired of having to replace your air filter after it gets diryt? Then replace it with a BMC air filter. All you have to do is pop it out, clean it, re-oil it, and put it back in. Its so simple that even a monkey could do it. Plus you might gain a few HP!

    These BMC Air Filters are high quality and are guarenteed to filter the air going into your bike better and allow more air flow. So if you are looking for the last bit of HP from your bike then look no further and check out our video of the one we installed on Jimmy's bike!