The Best Motorcycle Airbag Race Suit


Who Offers The Best Motorcycle Airbag Equipped Race Suit?

  • RST Airbag Equipped Race Suits
  • If you plan to hit the track for track days or racing, we highly recommend adding an airbag system to your protective gear kit. As with any protective gear, there are numerous options available, so it's crucial to do your research before purchasing. This ensures you select the airbag system that best suits your needs and application.

    At STG, we are more than just a retailer; we are riders and racers ourselves, using the same airbag race suits that we offer to our customers. A testament to our confidence in this gear is evident in the fact that Brian Van equips his son, Max Van, with it for MotoAmerica Supersport racing. Brian only chooses gear that he has complete faith in for Max.

    With RST In&motion equipped Airbag Race Suits, you have the opportunity to ride in essentially the same suit that Max Van uses in MotoAmerica SuperSport, specifically the V4.1 Kangaroo Airbag Race Suit. This suit is available at literally half the price of comparable models from the competition. The performance and protection offered by these suits rival those of other brands that sell for twice the price.

Available RST Airbag Equipped Race Suit Models:

  • RST V4.1 Evo Kangaroo Airbag One Piece Leather Race Suit
  • The RST V4.1 Evo Kangaroo Airbag One Piece Leather Race Suit is virtually identical to the suits worn by sponsored RST racers. As mentioned in our video, this off-the-rack suit is nearly a direct copy of what the pros use, ensuring you receive the same high level of performance and safety as professional racers.

    The V4.1 currently retails for $1499.99 and competes with suit and airbag combos priced at $3000 or more, offering exceptional value. In the event of deployment, you can easily repack it yourself trackside by replacing the In&motion cartridge for just $100. With extensive perforation, this is the best cooling airbag-equipped race suit we have ridden in to date.

    The V4.1 features an athletic cut tailored for aggressive, high-performance riding. Thanks to its numerous stretch panels, this suit provides a race fit with excellent mobility, ensuring both comfort and performance on the track.

  • RST Pro Series Evo Airbag CE One Piece Leather Race Suit
  • The RST Pro Series Evo Airbag CE One Piece Leather Race Suit utilizes the same In&motion airbag system found in the Kangaroo V4.1 Suit. Constructed with a durable cowhide chassis, the Pro Series features a more forgiving cut, providing additional room compared to the V4.1. This suit is an ideal choice for riders who prioritize comfort without compromising on safety.

    Retailing for only $1199.99, the RST Pro Series Evo Airbag Suit offers the best value on the market today. With the Pro Series, you get a suit with an integrated airbag system for nearly the same price as standalone airbag systems. This exceptional savings comes without any compromise in quality or safety.

    If you are interested in the Pro Series Evo or V4.1 Evo Airbag Equipped Race Suits and have more questions or need assistance selecting the right size, please reach out to our experienced staff (including STG MotoAmerica SuperSport Racer Max Van) at or call us at 888.784.4327.