Motorcycle Helmet Shopping Guide

How to Properly Size and Fit a Helmet

How a Motorcycle Helmet Fits has a direct impact on safety, comfort and overall performance. The most common mistake riders make when purchasing a new helmet is choosing one that is simply too large because it feels more comfortable right out of the box or while in the showroom. Take this comfortable fitting helmet and ride in it a while and it will only get looser as the interior padding breaks in.

When a helmet fits loose, it's ability to manage energy in an impact is reduced. This same loose fit allows the helmet to move around while riding and ride lower on the brow reducing your field of vision (smaller field of vision = LESS SAFE). On top of that, the wind noise levels will be higher while riding which reduces the comfort.

The First and most important step when you are helmet shopping is taking an accurate measurement. In the video to the left we not only show you how to do this, we also show you examples of proper and improper fit.

2014 Motorcycle Helmet Shopping Guide $200 and Under

There are more helmets in the $200 and Under price point than any other. In this video we focus on the Brands and Models within each Brand we feel delivers the most performance and value for your money. To make things easier we subdivided this into three subgroups: $100ish and under, $150ish and $150 and over.

Van's Top Picks:

$100.00 Helmet: The Bell Qualifier Helmet delivers a great fit, excellent quality and cool graphics. Hard to believe this is a $100ish helmet.

$150.00 Helmet: Scorpion EXO-R410 Helmet, Scorpion's fit, finish and performance are very hard to beat. The R410 should really cost more IMO.

$200.00 Helmet: The Icon Airmada Helmet get's my vote from the top group. Killer graphics are only the tip of the iceberg here. This is the best Motorcycle Helmet Icon has made thus far, I have 2 and love riding in them.

2014 Motorcycle Helmet Shopping Guide $200-$400

There are also a large number of helmets in the $200 to $400 price range, usually making it difficult to choose a real winner. In this video we focus on the Brands and Models within each Brand we feel delivers the best features and benefits within the range. To make things easier we subdivided this into two subgroups: Unique Features and the Traditional Full Face Helmet.

Van's Top Picks:

Street or Track Full Face Helmet: Scorpion EXO-R2000 Helmet, Bell RS-1 Helmet & The ICON Airmada are all rock solid options.

Street Helmet w/Unique Features: The Scorpion EXO-1100 Helmet get's my vote, great all around helmet with a high end look and feel at an affordable price.

In a class all it's own: The ICON Variant Helmet, if you like the looks you will love this helmet (I know I do!).

Honorable Mention: The HJC RPHA 10 Helmet is a great value, for me it falls a little short in the "Cool Factor" department.

2014 Motorcycle Helmet Shopping Guide $400 and Up

This group of helmets includes some of the very best in the world. End of the day most riders would be happy and then some with any of them. Hopefully this video makes your choice a little easier.

Van's Top Picks:

Best Performance & Value: The Bell Star Helmet is the clear winner. Sells for a fair price, best venting helmet available and fits well.

Money is no object: The Arai Corsair V Helmet fits and performs at the highest level. Hand made in Japan by craftsmen and driven by a philosophy that puts rider safety in front of everything else.

Dare to be different: The Shark Race-R Pro Helmet performs great, has an aggressive look and feel.

Zero drama: The Shoei X-Twelve Helmet delivers class leading precision and build quality in a very close race. It does everything well, a joy to ride in.

Honorable mention: The AGV Corsa Helmet is very light, looks like it will vent well and sports a ton of technology. To date I have not ridden in one enough to offer an informed opinion.